Former Red & Black Staff ‘Excited for the Progress’ Made at Today’s Meeting with Board

Although marred by an odd altercation prior to its start, the meeting between former Red & Black staffers and the paper’s board of directors appears to be a success.

According to a statement released by the once-and-seemingly-future staff on the website for The Red & Dead, all of their demands were met, a call for greater dialogue and trust has been sounded, and the recently-departed top two eds. will reapply for their old positions.

A portion of the statement: “We, the former staff of The Red & Black, are thankful and excited for the progress that has been made today, following the afternoon meeting with representatives from the Board of Directors.  Prior review is off the table; student editors retain final content approval.  Ed Morales, who was promoted earlier this month to the role of editorial director, made it clear that he has returned to his role as editorial adviser.  And Ed Stamper, a board member who authored an internal draft of a memo that called for new content guidelines, tendered his resignation.  These actions are signs of forward momentum, resolving many of our concerns regarding the editorial direction of the organization.”

There has also been an increased outpouring of support for Morales.  He confirmed hours ago on a popular college media advisers’ list-serv that while the past few days have been difficult for him and his family, he maintains his commitment to “helping college journalists become the best they can be.”


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One Response to “Former Red & Black Staff ‘Excited for the Progress’ Made at Today’s Meeting with Board”
  1. Not to be the harbinger of doom (… I guess…) but there are some worrying parts that make me think this is not in a good place, despite the optimism. These promises were made by Ed Morales, who was never the origin of the problem in the first place, and may not have the authority to keep these promises. The board voted to change Ed’s *title* back today, not his job description. It would be trivial for the board to state that there would be no censorship and they worked exceptionally hard not to say that.

    Not to be all Mike-on-Breaking-Bad, but I’ve seen a lot of would-be censors do a lot of shady things, nobody who is unwilling to say the words “there will be no prior review” has given up on prior review. And the board hasn’t said the words.