Whale Wars and the Student Press Scoop: An Adviser’s Anecdote

With permission, below is a reprinting of a brief story shared last night on a popular college media advisers’ list-serv.  It tells the story of the top editor of The Quill at Maryland’s Carroll Community College.

As Quill adviser Michelle Park shared:

Our editor just finished interviewing Peter Hammarstedt of “Whale Wars” fame.  He was nearly certain that he’d never land the interview given that he’d be competing with professional news outlets.

However, not only did he get it, but after the interview concluded, Hammarstedt was immediately approached by CNN and promptly turned them down.

Needless to say, our editor was elated that he not only scored this interview but that he also beat out a major national outlet.  (Of course, I won’t be able to help myself in making this a teaching moment in my fall course.)

We are a small community college newspaper (we just started last fall), and I think most of our staff members just assume that they will be ignored and won’t even try to schedule an interview.  Now, I hope that they will fight for each and every interview no matter who it is.  Ray Rice, we’re comin’ for ya.

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