Rupert Murdoch’s Daily Confused with University of Washington’s Daily

The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s tablet news operation, is dying— or at least dramatically downsizing and reevaluating its existence.  The Daily of the University of Washington is doing just fine– evolving step-by-step in the digital age.

Don’t get them confused, OK?

The two pubs sport similar Twitter handles.  The UW student newspaper boasts @thedaily.  The Daily has just @daily.  This has apparently led the Twitterati to repeatedly mistake one for the other– especially over the last few days as the masses eagerly share the breaking news that Murdoch’s Daily is laying off a third of its staff.

In a blog post yesterday, Andrew Gospe, the UW Daily’s social media manager, shared a screenshot sampling of recent mistaken-identity tweets.  As he writes, “I see around three to five misdirected tweets per day to our account (4,650 followers) from people who are really looking for the other Daily that isn’t a college newspaper (more than 97,000 followers).  With the recent news about the layoffs, the mistweets really started heating up.”

According to Gospe, if Murdoch’s Daily goes under, one unintentional consequence: “[T]hose who manage the UW Daily’s Twitter in the future won’t be privy to such amusing tweets.”

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