Four Student Newspaper Web Redesigns: Before and After Screenshots

The Daily Bruin is updating its web look.  The UCLA student newspaper is currently providing readers with a sneak peek at its upcoming digital overhaul.

It is one of several high-profile online redesigns over the past semester or so within collegemediatopia.  Along with the Bruin, below are a few that immediately come to mind– before and after screenshots.

In each case, which one do you like more??  (Without giving too much away, I will confirm there is one set included here in which I absolutely like the look of the old site better.)

The Daily Bruin, UCLA


Coming soon…

The Red & Black, University of Georgia



The Daily Emerald, University of Oregon



The Pipe Dream, Binghamton University




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One Response to “Four Student Newspaper Web Redesigns: Before and After Screenshots”
  1. Dan:

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing. Just a wanted to share that our redesign was an interim step. We’ll have something different by mid-September in time for the start of fall term here at UO.

    — Ryan Frank, publisher