Free The Daily Helmsman!: Memphis Paper Kicks Off Fundraising Campaign Amid School Cuts

The Daily Helmsman at the University of Memphis has launched a fundraising campaign, in part to fill the financial gap caused by a sudden, dramatic funding cut approved by the school.

J-School Buzz: ‘Columbia Missourian Charges Journalism Students for Online Access to Their Own Work’

University of Missouri students who enroll in high-level journalism courses that involve reporting for the Columbia Missourian are required to pay an online subscription fee to, in effect, read their own work, according to a new J-School Buzz post. The Buzz: “On top of paying tuition (and journalism course fees) and giving the Missourian free labor, these journalism students also have to pay for access to the stories that you and your peers slave over. Does anyone else feel like they are being nickel and dimed here?”

Onion Article Spoofs Student Newspaper Endorsement of Obama

In a new piece so subtle in its satire it took me a while to get the joke, The Onion mocks the practice of college newspapers endorsing presidential candidates. The article slowly tears apart a student newspaper’s faux endorsement of President Obama in his reelection campaign.

LSU’s Daily Reveille Providing Standout Isaac Storm Coverage

The Daily Reveille is stepping up to provide quality storm coverage. On Monday, staffers at the LSU student newspaper promised readers one thing: “As the gusts of wind and barrages of rain from Tropical Storm Isaac come to the university over the next few days, the Daily Reveille will keep students constantly updated. The paper has kept its promise.

Lesson From Oxford Student Newspaper Controversy: ‘Never Joke About Rich Girls’

A supposedly satirical article in an Oxford University student newspaper recently caused a mini-ruckus in Britain amid perceptions it was “misogynistic, and in a frighteningly casual way.” — The piece, a six-point guide to dating “posh girls,” has been removed from the website of The Cherwell, replaced with an editor’s note.  I do find it […]

College Media Podcast #2: RNC, Princeton Review Rankings, Oklahoma Daily Autopsy Report

Welcome to the second episode of the College Media Podcast.  The CMP is a new collaborative venture between me and Bryan Murley from the Center for Innovation in College Media. – The podcast’s aim: spotlighting big college media news, standout student press work, and array of helpful and innovative sites, programs, and tech tools. – In our […]

Live from Tampa, RNC 2012: Bad Weather & Wolf Blitzer

The Tampa Bay Times massive front-page headline: ISAAC INTRUDES.  The tropical storm has caused the cancellation of the Republican National Convention’s first day and the closure of many area schools.  The University of Tampa, my academic HQ, remains open.  The latest weather accounts confirm it is most likely the right call.  Apparently, Isaac is bypassing […]

Meet The Rich Kids of Instagram: ‘They Have More Money Than You’

In one photo, a young man stands in the living room of his Hamptons home– next to his Ferrari. In another photo set mashed together, a young man leaps into a large pool from the back of his huge house– describing it as a “mansion high dive.” A separate photo displays young people drinking while seated around a set of classic red Solo Cups– playing not beer pong but “champagne pong.” The photos, and a growing number like them, are featured on a blog focused on teens and twentysomethings who are on a level all their own. Rich Kids of Instagram, on Tumblr, has a simple premise: showing off the extravagant perks, carefree lifestyle, and unapologetic arrogance of wealthy– in some cases, very wealthy– young people.

Oklahoma Daily Faces Backlash After Posting Deceased Student’s Autopsy Report

The Oklahoma Daily has upset and enraged some readers this week at the University of Oklahoma for its temporary posting of a deceased student’s autopsy report.  The report was linked in a Daily tweet and later a story that revealed new details about the student’s death.  The paper has since apologized and pulled it from […]

Georgia Red & Black Publisher Made Enough Last Year to Buy a Hovercraft

— Update: To his credit, Montevideo did recently request a drop in base salary to $90,000.  “In light of declining revenues over the past five years, I felt this was prudent and fair to both parties,” Montevideo said. “It is aligned with what others in similar college media operations, with similar length of service are […]

Princeton Review Best College Newspapers: 2012 List

The latest rankings report listing the country’s “Best College Newspapers” has been released by Princeton Review. The papers are listed below, in order of their selection. Penn State’s Daily Collegian vaulted to the top, following in the footsteps of its CMM “College Newspaper of the Year” honors earlier this summer.

Red & Black is Back, in Full Force: Student Staff, Board of Directors Reach Agreement

Breaking news from Red & Black country:  The student staff and the board of directors at the University of Georgia student newspaper released a joint statement roughly an hour ago confirming the former top editors have been renamed to their positions and production is set to resume as normal for the new school year. — As […]

College Media Podcast #1: A Red & Black Breakdown

Welcome to the first edition of the College Media Podcast. The CMP is a new collaborative venture between me and the Center for Innovation in College Media’s Bryan Murley. In upcoming episodes, we plan to spotlight big college media news, standout student press work, and array of helpful and innovative sites, programs, and tech tools.

Daily Kansan Online Redesign: ‘This Isn’t Your Momma’s Website’

The newly redesigned University Daily Kansan website is a lively, innovative, interactive beast of an online presence. Unveiled this past week, the updated digital home of the University of Kansas student newspaper sports a much more professional design scheme than its predecessor– one that is both less cluttered and more colorful.

Former Red & Black Staff ‘Excited for the Progress’ Made at Today’s Meeting with Board

Although marred by an odd altercation prior to its start, the meeting between former Red & Black staffers and the paper’s board of directors appears to be a success. — According to a statement released by the once-and-seemingly-future staff on the website for The Red & Dead, all of their demands were met, a call […]