Georgia Red & Black Column on Finding Perfect Husband Engages Readers, Goes Viral

Single female students, breathe easy.  University of Georgia sophomore Amber Estes has a six-point plan centered on helping you land a rich, handsome, respectful husband by the time you leave school.

In a column for The Red & Black late last week, headlined “How to Find That Perfect Husband in College,” Estes lays out a bevy of tips aimed at helping undergraduate women “find the right brilliant babe to father their children and replenish their bank accounts.”

Her advice involves knowing where to stake out the right type of guy, how to act early in the dating process, and how to get a potential beau’s attention and earn their affection when they snoop you out online.  A sampling:

Go where the money is.  “Spend your free time casually moseying around the law school. . . . This is where you’ll find the most ambitious guys, which directly correlates to how well they’ll be able to provide for you and your future mini Mr. Perfects.”

Avoid being too sexual early on.  “A man won’t get down on one knee for a woman who is overly willing to get down on both of hers.”

For online pics, it’s not the primping, but who you pose with that counts.  “[M]ake sure you take pictures with your pretty friends, but not ones that are prettier than you. That way the boys know you don’t hang around with uggos, but it’s also crystal clear that you’re the queen of the pack.”

The piece has gone viral, roping in more than 135 comments (commenting now disabled), 500 tweets, 4,000 Facebook likes, and outside media attention including an ABC News blog mention and a Business Insider write-up.

Is it genuine?  That question has driven much of the discussion surrounding its almost ludicrously old-fashioned call to women to “go get that MRS degree.”

My Take: It must be satire.  The biggest clue, besides its general over-the-top slant, is an interactive poll right next to the column online asking readers if they think it’s satire. I don’t see any reason that would be run if it was just a regular piece of journalism.  You’d then be asking people to vote about whether something a staff member wrote is so crazy that it doesn’t seem real.  Not exactly confidence-inspiring for the staffer. :)

Either way, the perfect future envisioned by Estes certainly seems lovely– “sipping sweet tea by the pool at the country club while some babysitter watches after Junior and Georgia Ann.”


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