Canadian Junior Hockey Team Sues The Michigan Daily

An elite junior hockey team in Canada is suing The Michigan Daily at the University of Michigan for alleging team officials offered to pay a standout player in hopes of enticing him to join their squad instead of attend UM (hat tip

According to the Daily, a source connected to the 20-team Ontario Hockey League said the Kitchener Rangers offered 18-year-old defenseman Jacob Trouba $200,000 to play with them instead of the Wolverines for the next two years– at which point he plans to segue to the NHL.

Rangers officials are vehemently denying any such payment scheme.  The COO says the team would not be able to hide that type of transaction, which is apparently against OHL rules.  Trouba’s family also denies “any insinuation that the Kitchener Rangers have offered a financial package to Jacob.”

The blog United States of Hockey: “Kitchener is currently dealing with an optics issue now. By serving papers, they’ve made an official move to express not only to the Michigan Daily, but to the public, that the report is not true with any and all legal backing they have. . . . That said, I don’t see this getting incredibly far now. . . . Kitchener has planted the seed of doubt in the Daily’s report by taking legal action. It’s their word against an anonymous source at this point.”

No public statement yet from the Daily.

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  1. What court? Is there a PDF of the complaint?