13 Must-Watch Tech Tutorials: ‘A Guide to Using Technology in Journalism’

Journalism students worldwide, please meet . . . “The Voice.” 

On spec, photojournalist extraordinaire Mark Johnson is as unassuming as they come. Medium height.  Medium build.  Brown hair.  Glasses.  Conservative dress. Passionate, but not Tom-Cruise-couch-jump intense.  OK, yes, he is an admitted “pseudo-visionary” and “back-roads wanderer.”  And in that vein he’s maybe just a tad quirky (see photo below) in a fantastic way.

Yet, University of Georgia journalism students know the truth about this seemingly mostly ordinary individual.  He’s not just a UGA journalism lecturer.  He’s a star.  As he recounted at a recent Poynter Institute workshop, a pair of j-students were once walking near him on campus while he was speaking to someone else.  Their ears immediately perked up and one apparently said to the other, “That’s The Voice!

Johnson is The Voice . . . the voice behind a large chunk of many UGA j-students’ basic digital journalism training.  He has created a series of screencast tutorials on everything from HTML coding, CMS, and social media to audio, photo, and video capture and editing.  They are quick-hit, uber-practical, and easy-to-follow.  Johnson does the narration.  In sum, they represent a truly helpful “guide to using technology in journalism.”

A screenshot from Johnson’s “Editing Photos” tutorial.

A screenshot from his “Shooting Video” tutorial.

Johnson has been kind enough to feature the tutorials online for everyone’s viewing and learning pleasure, linked from the Resources section of his website Visual Journalism. He is also apparently working on a few new ones he will upload soon.


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