Amid President’s Ouster at Virginia, Cavalier Daily Steps Up, Provides Outstanding Coverage

The Cavalier Daily has unleashed its summerific newsy A-game to cover the ever-unraveling fallout and furor at the University of Virginia triggered by the sudden, mostly unexplained ouster of popular president Teresa Sullivan.

A small crew of CD staff has been reporting and editorializing the heck out of this story, including grabbing some scoops and sharing some significant info through FOIA requests.

Serving as the voice of UVA students, the paper has stated in separate editorials: “The Board of Visitors owes the university community a more thorough explanation for President Sullivan’s departure. . . . Members of the Board of Visitors should resign to rectify the damage they have done to our university.”

As The Virginian-Pilot confirms, “Working around the clock on smart phones, cameras, laptops and adrenalin, six students interviewed sources and ultimately unearthed and disseminated documents that exposed the plans of Rector Helen Dragas and Vice Rector Mark Kington to oust Sullivan.”  The Cavalier Daily is mentioned in the Pilot write-up for its work along with the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.  Good company.

And even more impressive: Remember, it’s summer.  Within collegemediatopia, that’s the time of publishing breaks, skeleton staffs, position changeovers, and first-priority internships.  More impressive still: The paper, which is independent from UVA, operates on a volunteer basis, without the mentoring of an official faculty adviser, and without the instruction provided by a related journalism program.

Cavalier Daily editor-in-chief Matt Cameron: “We’re all just interested in getting information out to the university and the public.  We didn’t have a plan.”

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