The Oklahoma Daily’s Digital Experiment: Print Edition to Be Dropped Later This Summer

The Oklahoma Daily is going online-only— for six weeks this summer.  The decision by the University of Oklahoma student newspaper, announced yesterday, is the first step in a yearlong process aimed at determining what the Daily 2.0 should look like, how it should operate, and where print fits in.  Reader and staff surveys, focus groups, and I’m sure lots of unofficial discussions will follow come fall.

Editor-in-chief Chris Lusk: “If we’re digital-only, we’re forced to pay attention to what the audience says is working online and what’s not.  This is just the first step that will lead us to a new and improved Daily.”

It is also a financial decision.  The typical summer ad drop for the paper apparently makes printing each week a money-losing pursuit.  But the real bottom line is a need for staff to experience what it means to be fully committed to a digital Daily, even if it’s just for a short time to start.

Once more, Lusk: “To survive and be sustainable, we need to be a Web-first organization,” Lusk said. “That doesn’t necessarily mean a print product can’t coexist with, but we need to change how we think about our approach.”


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