‘We’re Back!’: New City Collegian Resumes Printing After 4-Year Absence– Thanks in Part to Cupcake Shop

The New City Collegian at Seattle Central Community College announced its return to print after a four-year absence with a simple, exclamatory front-page headline: “We’re Back!”

The name has slightly changed, but it still appears to be the same “feisty little newspaper.”  Known for roughly four decades as just The City Collegian, the paper was thrust into the spotlight in 2007 and 2008 when SCCC administrators targeted it in a downright nasty squabble that first claimed its adviser, then its newsroom, budget, print presence, and related journalism classes.  Yikes.

Student Press Law Center consulting attorney Mike Hiestand noted at the time, “What happened at SCCC is deeply troubling and should serve as a wake-up call to student media across the country that the threat to press freedom is real and ongoing.”

The Collegian’s marvelous print comeback last week was built atop a set of determined student staffers– and the first cupcake bakery in this country to open outside New York City.  (Yes, that is the most fun I’ve had typing a sentence so far this year.)

Seattle’s Cupcake Royale covered the printing costs for the 12-page tabloid’s entire press run.  Its owner told The Seattle Times: “It’s old school.  Like going back to vinyl.  People miss holding a paper.

The Collegian has been online-only since the summer 2008 fallout.  The current print version was planned as a one-time happening, but student editors hope to build off the buzz and gather the financial and editorial wherewithal to begin publishing again regularly.

The Seattle Times: “For all the promise of a wired world, it turns out that print still resonates for these college students. Although the Collegian’s blog-style website has attracted about 15,000 page views so far this year . . . students still yearned to see their work in print.”

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