Daily Collegian at Penn State Publishes Special Issue on Sandusky Sex Abuse Trial

A special issue of The Daily Collegian appeared on newsstands across Penn State University’s campus and State College, Pa., yesterday focused on the criminal trial of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.  Due to the reduced summer publishing schedule, Collegian staffers were not due to put out a print edition until month’s end.

In a note to readers, the paper’s editor-in-chief Casey McDermott wrote, “Call me old-fashioned, sure– but I stand by the idea that there are certain moments that deserve to be documented beyond narratives told in 140-character bursts or minute-by-minute updates alone.  This is one of those moments. . . . Until now, our coverage of the Jerry Sandusky trial since the end of the spring semester has been online-only.  This has its advantages . . . [b]ut we also wanted to note the start of this trial– an event that’s been preceded by seven of the most pivotal months in university history– in a way that could serve as an all-in-one reference as the trial unfolds.”

Along with recounting various aspects of Sandusky’s first day in court, the issue features a rundown of the main prosecution and defense arguments, individual glimpses at all the trial participants, a timeline of events so far, and pieces on the courtroom’s social media ban and the withholding of the identities of some of the alleged Sandusky victims who are testifying.


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