San Antonio College Official Doesn’t Like the Student Newspaper– He Wants His Own

San Antonio College student life director Jorge Posadas believes the school’s student newspaper The Ranger is too “controlled” by faculty and not read enough by students.  Instead of simply lodging a complaint or writing a letter to the editor, he has proposed adding more than $70,000 to the student activities budget to start a separate paper overseen, not coincidentally, by his Office of Student Life.

The school’s leadership is against Posadas’s proposal.  And the Ranger’s adviser calls the move “curious,” considering it comes after the paper “reported on lapses in judgment in the Student Activity Fee Committee.”

Posadas is no stranger to fighting the Ranger, literally earning an award for his previous combativeness.  According to the paper, “Posadas has frequently been hostile to Ranger reporters, once threatening an editor with a charge of stalking.”

Separately, last October, Posadas told a Ranger reporter that he required payment in exchange for serving as a source on a story about the student activities fee.  In his message to the reporter at the time, he wrote that the paper could set up “a professional consulting contract” with him in exchange for the information and student life expertise he could provide.

That response earned Posadas local and national media attention.   The San Antonio Express-News called it “ludicrous” and “unbecoming.”  And Texas Monthly named him as a recipient of one of its 2012 “Bum Steer Awards.”

He said his current push for a new paper is due to what he sees as a lack of students reading the Ranger.  He cites no hard data to back up this claim, simply saying that students don’t seem to pick up the paper in the student life building and don’t mention the paper to him during meetings and chats.  The proposed alternative outlet would apparently be online-only, focused prominently on national and global issues, and pay student staffers for stories and pictures.

His bosses aren’t buying his idea.  The San Antonio College president: “We’ve got one newspaper.  I don’t see the point in replicating that.”  The vice president for student affairs: “We have no intentions to start or endorse some other form of a student-led newspaper.  In our eyes, the Ranger is the student newspaper, and it does a fantastic job reporting the news for us.”

The Ranger is a nearly 90-year-old paper produced by students partially in a class setting and under faculty supervision.  It covers the five schools that comprise the Alamo Community College District.


San Antonio College Official Requires Payment in Exchange for Interview with Student Newspaper

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    This guy is an idiot.

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