Oregon Daily Emerald ‘Reinvented for the Digital Age’: Announces Revolutionary Changes

The web address: future.dailyemerald.com. The one-word header atop its homepage: Revolution.  And the tagline just beneath it: “The Oregon Daily Emerald, reinvented for the digital age.”

The fantastic student newspaper at the University of Oregon– long built atop a daily print edition– is morphing into a “modern college media company.”  On a special site that went live earlier today, the outgoing and incoming EICs Tyree Harris and Andy Rossback and publisher Ryan Frank outline a number of big-time changes.

Among them: a print issue that will now appear twice per week instead of daily, in an alternative weekly format (see front page example below)– Emerald Monday (“Think Newsweek + ESPN Magazine”) and Emerald Weekend (“Think Rolling Stone + Wired + Vanity Fair”); the creation of an in-house tech company The Garage and a separate marketing and events division both aspiring simply “to make college life better”; and a ramp-up in “real-time news, community engagement, photo galleries, and videos on the web and social media.”

As the leaders of the new Emerald Media Group share about the paper’s digital-first plans, “Daily is too slow. Our newsroom will report in real-time on our website, on mobile apps and through social media. We will wrap up our report with a morning email edition Monday-to-Friday. We will add blogs on topics relevant to college students, such as football, fashion and sex. We will engage with readers through whatever digital channel is most relevant to them.”

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/42583205 w=598&h=424]

The narrator at the close of this teaser video confirms, “We’re proud of our history, but it’s time for a revolution.

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