Oregon Daily Emerald ‘Reinvented for the Digital Age': Announces Revolutionary Changes

The web address: future.dailyemerald.com. The one-word header atop its homepage: Revolution.  And the tagline just beneath it: “The Oregon Daily Emerald, reinvented for the digital age.”

The fantastic student newspaper at the University of Oregon– long built atop a daily print edition– is morphing into a “modern college media company.”  On a special site that went live earlier today, the outgoing and incoming EICs Tyree Harris and Andy Rossback and publisher Ryan Frank outline a number of big-time changes.

Among them: a print issue that will now appear twice per week instead of daily, in an alternative weekly format (see front page example below)– Emerald Monday (“Think Newsweek + ESPN Magazine”) and Emerald Weekend (“Think Rolling Stone + Wired + Vanity Fair”); the creation of an in-house tech company The Garage and a separate marketing and events division both aspiring simply “to make college life better”; and a ramp-up in “real-time news, community engagement, photo galleries, and videos on the web and social media.”

As the leaders of the new Emerald Media Group share about the paper’s digital-first plans, “Daily is too slow. Our newsroom will report in real-time on our website, on mobile apps and through social media. We will wrap up our report with a morning email edition Monday-to-Friday. We will add blogs on topics relevant to college students, such as football, fashion and sex. We will engage with readers through whatever digital channel is most relevant to them.”

The narrator at the close of this teaser video confirms, “We’re proud of our history, but it’s time for a revolution.

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