Student Newspapers with the Most Facebook ‘Likes’: An Updated Top 10 List

How are student newspapers faring on Facebook?  From a sheer ‘likes’ perspective, most papers’ popularity on the publicly-traded behemoth is at an all-time high.  Along with Twitter and YouTube (and with a tiny bit of recent competition from Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram), Facebook remains the top social media and content sharing platform utilized by student newspapers nationwide.

Drake University multimedia journalism instructor Chris Snider has been monitoring student and professional news media Facebook usage and popularity for awhile.  It has been almost exactly a year since he last checked in on student press Facebook ‘likes.’

Below is a glimpse at how things stand now, specifically the 10 papers with the highest ‘like’ totals.  (If I’ve overlooked a paper, please comment or email me ASAP.)  But first, the award for the funniest/most random student newspaper Facebook cover photo goes to . . . The Central Michigan Life.  (For those glancing at this post on a tiny mobile screen, he’s reading underwater.)

10 Student Newspapers with Most Facebook ‘Likes’

1. The Daily Tar Heel, University of North Carolina, 9,681 Likes

2. The Central Michigan Life, Central Michigan University, 8,200 Likes

3. The Daily Collegian, Penn State University, 7,408 Likes

4. The Michigan Daily, University of Michigan, 6,927 Likes

5. The Indiana Daily Student, Indiana University, 6,337 Likes

6. The Daily Californian, University of California-Berkeley, 6,202 Likes

7. The Crimson White, University of Alabama, 6,028 Likes

8. The Lantern, Ohio State University, 5,499 Likes

9. The Iowa State Daily, Iowa State University, 5,130 Likes

10. The Yale Daily News, Yale University, 5,013 Likes


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