Wonderful Sports Reporting: ‘The Anatomy of 1-2-3’ (Oregon Daily Emerald)

A recent Oregon Daily Emerald piece screams awesome and deserves greater attention, creatively telling the tale of a University of Oregon track and field conference championships triumph.  The headline: “The anatomy of 1-2-3: How Oregon’s women swept the 800-meter Pac-12 final on Sunday.”

In separate sections, staff writer Patrick Malee briefly brings the reader into the minds of three female mid-distance runners mad-dashing toward the finish line of one of the biggest races of the season– exhausted but intermittently wondering if a full Ducks trifecta might actually be possible.

As the lede shares, “Coming down the final 100-meter stretch of Sunday’s 800-meter final, Becca Friday had one thought ringing through her head over and over again. Not even a thought, really– more a simple, exhausted chant that kept her pumping to the finish line.  ‘1-2-3. 1-2-3.'”

My highest praise: For a split second while reading, I felt like I was in the race. This could have easily been a run-of-the-mill, stock-quote-filled event recap. Instead, Malee came up with a creative ‘in,’ carried out the legwork and talked to the principals, and had the news sense to recognize the human element that would enable the story to leap off the webpage.

The piece is a perfect example of the quality journalism that is possible when you go the extra mile in your reporting and writing– even for a half-mile race.

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  1. rileysnyder says:

    Man, the Daily Emerald is seriously doing some great work. I don’t know if you’ve checked out their new auxiliary site, The Garage, but it’s dedicated to exploring and blogging about Future of News type content and material. Their newest project is a feed of all Instagram photos taken within a 3-mile radius of their campus. http://thegarage.dailyemerald.com/

  2. Dan and Riley: Thanks for the shout out. We’re working on a lot of new stuff. Stay tuned for a big announcement in the next few weeks.

    Ryan Frank
    Oregon Daily Emerald