Central Connecticut State Suspends Soccer Coach, Fines Athletic Department $100,000 for Student Paper Theft

In response to a student newspaper theft earlier this month, Central Connecticut State University has levied fairly substantial punishments against the soccer coaches who admitted taking part in it and the school’s athletic department.

As I previously posted, Shaun Green, head coach of the CCSU men’s soccer team, recently stole and trashed roughly 150 copies of The Recorder in response to an article he didn’t like.  He subsequently apologized to campus security, but not to Recorder staff.  According to the paper, Green’s motivation for the theft was an article appearing in the issue focused on “the soccer team’s disqualification from next year’s postseason due to NCAA academic sanctions.”

As the Student Press Law Center now confirms, “CCSU President Jack Miller announced that [Green] will be suspended for 60 days without pay, suspended from coaching four games next season, is required to issue a written apology to the Recorder and financially compensate the paper for destroying the copies.  The athletic department will also face a $100,000 penalty and one of Green’s assistant coaches [who helped him pull off the small-time grab-and-toss] will not return next season.”

In addition, Green must pay the Recorder to compensate for the loss in printing and ad revenue from the stolen papers, and a letter will be placed in his file.

CCSU president: “Make no mistake, this matter goes to the heart of our educational mission. I believe our response sends a clear signal that acts which contradict our educational mission will bring serious consequences.”

Outgoing Recorder editor-in-chief Nicholas Proch: “I’m happy with what they’ve done, and on behalf of my staff I can say that. They did everything that they could do, I’m assuming, inside of the university.  I’m happy that they took it seriously and it wasn’t just a slap on the wrist. It was a true sanction, in my opinion.”

My Take: I agree.  Wowzer.  Go CCSU.  On spec, it’s an appropriately harsh symbolic and actual punishment that shows the school acknowledges the severity of this sort of censorious behavior (and knows a little something about crisis management).

The $100,000 athletic department fine is the most fascinating out-of-left-field penalty.  Questions that came to mind immediately after reading about it: What’s it for exactly– not exerting better control over one of its high-profile employees?  How does this in-house punishment compare to the school’s response to the soccer team’s NCAA sanctions?  Is it really the best course of action– doesn’t it hurt student-athletes and programs that could use that money and have nothing to do with the theft?  And what will the money be used for?  The creation of a new CCSU Press Freedom Center, perhaps? :)

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  1. Taylor says:

    do you think that Coach Wright should have been fired?