7 Keys to Writing a Student Newspaper Farewell Column

In recent weeks, as spring semester has rocketed to a close, the forever-adored-nay-clich√©d editor’s farewell column is once again appearing en masse within student newspapers nationwide.

The column is a time-honored part of the college media experience, like skipping classes to work on a story,¬†random awards from state press associations and InDesign freezing up just before you save the most beautiful page you’ve ever laid out and will never be able to replicate. (Sorry, it’s been years, but I’m still bitter.)

Below is a slightly snarky/awesome infographic I’ve created aimed at capturing the essence of these columns. It is also my first attempt at easel.ly, the hot storytelling 2.0 tool of the moment. It enables those with limited design chops to put together a ready-to-roll infographic in minutes. Please enjoy, and let me know what keys I’ve left out.

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