Elon’s Edge Magazine Shares Student Traumarama Stories

One word, four syllables, lots of blushing: Traumarama.  In the latest issue of The Edge, the magazine supplement of The Pendulum at Elon University, there is a laugh-out-loud-hide-your-eyes feature on student traumarama.

The term, first coined by Seventeen magazine, involves life happenings so embarrassing they “make even the most dignified college student’s skin crawl.”

The Edge feature, by Kyra Gemberling, is headlined “Elon’s Own Traumarama.”  It shares first-person accounts from students about their especially cringe-inducing accidental cleavage exposures, urinary faux pas, walks of shame, black eyes, and missed kisses.

A portion of one traumarama: “My roommate last year had an unfortunate problem when she gets really drunk– she tends to wet the bed after she gets back from partying. One weekend we were out having fun at a party when we decided we wanted to go home. Since no one was capable of driving at that point, I called a guy friend to come pick us up, and we decided to just sleep over at his house. After giving my roommate and I his bed while he slept on the couch, I woke up first the next morning– and discovered that my roomie had peed herself all over his bed!

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