Student News Story of the Moment: Meningitis Deaths

During my student news searching this morning, I came across a word I don’t typically see pop up repeatedly: meningitis.  Apparently, three students at three separate schools have died from different complications of it within three days.  Pure circumstance?  A quietly emerging outbreak?  A regular occurrence?  Here are the sad news screenshots.

One Response to “Student News Story of the Moment: Meningitis Deaths”
  1. Lynn says:

    As President of the National Meningitis Association, I have also been wondering what is going on. I think we should all use this as a reminder that this disease can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime, and vaccination is the only way to prevent this disease, even though the current vaccinations do not protect against all cases. Among adolescents and young adults, about 80-85% of cases can be protected. I lost my son, not knowing about a vaccine. Please visit the National Meningitis Association for more information.