Harvard Baseball Team Goes B-List Viral with In-Transit ‘Call Me Maybe’ Lip Dub

The Harvard University baseball team went B-list viral late last week with a slightly odd, in-transit, amateurish-but-earnest choreographed lip-dub/dance to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”  Among the many related stories that have popped up about the team’s performance (apparently its best of the season), my favorite is on IvyGate: “Harvard Has a Baseball Team?

My favorite snippet about it, meanwhile, comes from Deadspin: “OK, so this song has been out for eight months, and the 12-30 Harvard baseball team decided to drum up some viral video stardom by choreographing a few moves and lip-synching? Well done, then. Personally, we’re more impressed with sophomore outfielder Jack Colton, who appeared to sleep through the whole thing in the backseat. We salute you, Jack. We officially endorse your captaincy for next season.”


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