Do You Like #LikeACollegeJourno?: New Blog Mixes J-Student Thoughts, Pop Culture Gifs

An interesting student journalism blog of sorts has very recently moseyed onto the digital media radar.  #LikeACollegeJourno mixes common j-student thoughts and concerns with pop culture-oriented active gifs.  The result: a growing collection of set-up/punchline glimpses into the mind of the modern college journalist.

Some posts strike me as more stereotypical or eye-roll-worthy than real, but as a whole I really enjoyed running through them.  The blog is still young– about 10 days old– and I do fear may fall prey to flash-in-the-pan status.  But for now it’s darn funny– and in general can be applied to journalism at any level.

Below is a small sampling of entries I found especially entertaining.

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