Man Sets Fire to Florida Alligator Newspaper Stack

Odd news out of Gainesville, Fla.: A man recently set fire to copies of The Independent Florida Alligator at the University of Florida that were stacked in the back of a delivery van.  As the paper itself reported, rescue workers quickly extinguished the blaze, which did not cause damage to the van.  No one was hurt.  The suspect is at-large.  The motive is unknown.

It is at least the second attempt this semester to remove Alligator copies from circulation.  According to the paper, in late February “268 crisp Alligator newspapers were found shoved into a trash bin on the north side of Weimer Hall.  They were crowned by one newspaper with a wind-blown cover bearing the headline: ‘Muschamp endorses Student Government VP candidate.’  Minutes before, a man and a woman wearing Unite Party T-shirts were seen pulling stacks of Alligators from the two orange racks that sit outside of the hall.”  The Unite Party is one of the major student government political parties at UF.

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