Cut Pages? Publish Less? Start Over as an App? RIT’s Reporter Faces Questions Amid Printing Press Sale

The Reporter, the country’s only full-color weekly college magazine, is suddenly drowning in uncertainty and bracing for a redefinition that may cut the full-color, weekly or magazine parts out of its identity.

The publication’s host school, the Rochester Institute of Technology, just announced that it is selling an in-house printing press that has long published the Reporter at “reduced rates and [with] donated paper.”  An arrangement with an outside press will likely leave the Reporter “unable to maintain the volume of magazines produced . . . at a rate that fits within its budget.”

As the esteemed Chris Zubak-Skees shares on his kick-butt blog Infinity Quad, early ideas being bandied about include a dramatic page count drop; a switch to a digital-first mentality buoyed by a monthly or quarterly print edition (instead of a weekly); and even a reinvention as solely a mobile app.

The bottom line, as the sub-hed of a related story in the magazine itself confirms: “Reporter Changes Ahead.

The cover of the Reporter’s current issue.


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