Bad News in Delaware: Cellphone Theft, Noise Violation, Hate Crime, Rock Climbing Death, Beer Bottle Tossing

If you want bad news with a college connection, start with The Review.  The student newspaper at the University of Delaware is superb at spotlighting the seamier, sadder, and less legal goings-on at UD and the surrounding city of Newark.

The top headlines rundown on the paper’s homepage is unlike any other I’ve seen within collegemediatopia– almost always teasing out a rash of crime or sudden death stories.  The bottom line: While UD may not seem like the safest, most carefree school to attend, it’s clear no bad news is going unreported.

The latest Review rundown involves a cellphone theft, a noise violation, a hate crime, a rock climbing death, a beer bottle tossing, and, in the story promoted with the pic, a fire, rape, and murder.  (News Judgment Game Alert: Which article is most newsworthy?)


Times are Tough at University of Delaware!


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