Alabama’s Crimson White Creates Special Issue, Reporting Documentary on Anniversary of Tornado

Roughly a year after “one of the deadliest, costliest, and most widespread tornado outbreaks ever to hit the United States” struck Tuscaloosa, The Crimson White at the University of Alabama has put together a comprehensive multi-platform news package reflecting on the storm’s impact and the challenges CW staffers faced covering it.

Last April, the paper’s editorial team triumphed amid tragedy, reporting with real-time verve and multimedia vigor during the tornado’s immediate aftermath.  For their work, I placed them in the CMM Hall of Fame— and most recently unofficially nominated the paper for a Pulitzer Prize. :)

Their current three-pronged effort: a temporary special homepage featuring content from a year ago and today, including 10 new web-only articles and a few multimedia projects; an ads-free commemorative print edition with more than 20-storm focused features; and a 15-minute documentary video outlining the staffers’ natural disaster reporting experience.  The doc’s title: “Harder Than We Thought.

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