Another April Fools Controversy: Cornell Employee Steals, Hides Copies of Cornell Daily Sun Spoof Section

A Cornell University employee recently stole the spoof section from every copy of a Cornell Daily Sun issue available for pick-up within a prominent campus building.  The staffer’s aim was apparently “to prevent parents and prospective students visiting for Cornell Days [a special program for recently-admitted students] from reading them.”

As a trusted source tells me:

“The Sun, like many other college papers, typically produces a joke issue on April 1.  However, this year, a former Cornell University president died over the weekend, so the editors decided to postpone the joke issue until April 20.  April 20 happened to coincide with Cornell Days, a series of events put on by the university’s admissions department to host newly admitted students on campus. The joke issue featured satirical articles about serious issues on campus, and someone in Cornell’s administrative building removed the joke pages from every copy of the Sun in at least one administrative building where all admissions student tours run through.”

A screenshot of the front page of the recent Cornell Daily Sun spoof section.

In an editorial published late last week, the Sun‘s editorial board declared the censorious theft “an affront to our editorial independence.”

A portion of it contends:

“Perhaps our content may have offended the sensibilities of parents bringing their high schoolers to campus for the first time, but the removal of the cover should not have been allowed to occur.  The decision is telling, and it indicates that Cornell is more concerned with constructing the image that it presents to prospective students than it is with giving them the honest account of life at Cornell that they deserve. . . . This decision, however small, cannot be allowed to set a precedent.  If the university removed this spoof cover, the next step would be to remove copies of the Sun that paint the university in a negative light.”

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