Student Newspaper Headline Involving Gamecocks: Playful or Sexually Offensive?

A front-page headline in The Patriot at Francis Marion University celebrating the FMU baseball team’s upset win over the South Carolina Gamecocks recently earned the attention of the wider web.

The full header… “Patriots Beat Cocks: Team christens new stadium with win over Division I champions.”  What do you think– innocently exuberant or knowingly sexual?

Deadspin’s take on it: “College Newspaper Captures Euphoria Of Historic Upset With Headline Alluding To Masturbation.”  SportsGrid: “Headline Of The Day Could Be About A Baseball Game, Could Be About A Masturbation Party.”

This reminds me of “‘Cocks Blocked,” the two-word bolded headline that dominated the front page of an early January 2011 FS View & Florida Flambeau.  On a literal level, the hed referred to the Florida State University football team’s victory over the South Carolina Gamecocks.  But the term also of course alludes to an interference preventing someone from engaging in sexual activity.  (Yes, it apparently even has a Wikipedia entry.)

One Response to “Student Newspaper Headline Involving Gamecocks: Playful or Sexually Offensive?”
  1. Cleverly done… knowing college-age kids, it’s likely intentional, but no one can really determine one way or another. To me the second one (FSU) is more explicit. I didn’t “get” the FMU one until it was pointed out to me.