Vermont Cynic Staffers Investigate Newspaper Theft, After Campus Security Declines

Student staffers at The Vermont Cynic at the University of Vermont are investigating an apparent mass theft of a recent issue.  According to Chris Evans, UVM’s assistant director of student media, thieves “cleared out every newspaper in the student center and library, the two highest-traffic readership areas on campus.”

As Evans shared earlier this week, “The issue that disappeared covered a number of campus crimes. Editors said they suspect that whoever took the papers didn’t appreciate the coverage, which ranged from the reporting of three drunk students arrested to a story about a would-be tennis player who used a stun-gun on his fellow students.”

Campus security officers at UVM have declined to look into the thefts themselves, declaring the newspaper free for all.  (Sigh.)

Cynic editor-in-chief Brent Summers: “An issue of the Cynic costs well over $1,000 to print.  We believe this is a clear infringement to the freedom of the press and a great harm has been caused to our readers. We’ve had readers stop by our office wondering where their campus news is, and at this point we don’t know what to tell them.”


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