Ohio State President Gordon Gee Tells Lantern: Sports Illustrated & Sporting News are ‘Bad Journalism’

Gordon Gee, the infamously outspoken and bow-tied president of Ohio State University, has once again stirred controversy.  In a new interview with The Lantern, Gee dismissed Sports Illustrated investigation of old football coach Jim Tressel and Sporting News report on new coach Urban Meyer.

In Gee’s words: “Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, a lot of them I don’t read.  It’s bad journalism.  And, so, why buy them?”  The Sporting News piece “reported on an ‘out-of-control’ culture left behind by . . . Meyer when he departed the University of Florida’s program in January 2011.”  The SI piece dissected the trouble during Tressel’s tenure ultimately leading to his resignation.

The most quotable comeback, from the main writer of the SI piece: “[Gee] knows more about bow ties than he does about journalism.


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