Newt Gingrich Walks Away from Interview with Daily Tar Heel Reporter Before End of First Question

In a column that went B-list viral yesterday within presidential political circles, a Daily Tar Heel staffer at the University of North Carolina discusses being dissed by Newt Gingrich.

According to Memet Walker, a planned one-on-one with the floundering GOP candidate this past Saturday turned sour and was abruptly halted– during the first question.  As he recounted, it even led Secret Service agents “to grab and briefly detain me as the former speaker was led away.”

In his words: “The unexpected reaction came in response to a question about Fox News chairman Roger Ailes. Last week, in a speech he gave at the university, Ailes had some harsh words for Gingrich, claiming the candidate was ‘trying to get a job at CNN, because he knows he isn’t going to get to come back to Fox.’  Gingrich was a former paid Fox News contributor. At a campaign stop in Delaware last week, he told supporters that Ailes’ network was biased against his campaign. . . . But before I even had a chance on Saturday to relay Ailes’ comments, his aide pressed his hands against me, and several Secret Service agents stopped me in my tracks.  ‘You’re not asking that. You’re done,’ his aide said.”

The Gingrich aide told The Washington Post he stopped the interview because Walker was shouting questions disrespectfully.  He also denied any Secret Service detainment.  Walker is publicly standing by his account: “I was very calm. I definitely wasn’t shouting. I said eight words before they cut me off.”

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