College Media Must-Read Monday: The Princetonian’s Investigation into a Professor’s Mysterious Suicide

Roughly one year after a Princeton University professor’s mysterious suicide, The Daily Princetonian has etched together a fascinating, THOROUGH report on the surrounding circumstances that is worth a read.

Even while faced with a stonewall of silence from Princeton administrators that makes “The Artist” seem like a talking picture, staff writers Marcelo Rochabrun and Anjali Menon uncover tons of new intel about the handling of the prof’s suspension that was seemingly linked to his final act.  In part, as the main report states, “The ‘Prince’ review of the circumstances surrounding the case show there are a number of inconsistencies and gaps in the university’s explanation of the events.”

The staffers conducted dozens of interviews with students and faculty, in English and Spanish, and dug through records and various communiques.  They subsequently provide a final summary that begins before the suicide and continues to the present– concluding with a confirmation that the lingering unanswered questions loom just as large as the facts that are now known.

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