Maneater Managing Editor Resigns at Missouri Over ‘Carpeteater’ April Fools’ Issue Flap

Abby Spudich, the managing editor of The Maneater at the University of Missouri, has resigned amid the lingering controversy surrounding the paper’s April Fools’ issue.

As she wrote in a letter posted on the Maneater site this morning, “My initial response to the controversy surrounding the April Fools’ edition of the paper was to stay on through the final weeks of the semester and, through my leadership role, try to be proactive in the community through the actions discussed in my apology letter.  However, the reaction to this wasn’t what I expected. In light of this, I have decided resignation is the best option. . . . Leaving The Maneater breaks my heart, but I feel it’s what’s best for the paper. I hope in my absence The Maneater can work to rebuild its reputation in the community and continue to prosper.”

As I previously posted, the Maneater faced a vocal backlash from some readers for its recent April Fools’ issue, renamed The Carpeteater.  As a Mizzou student noted in a letter to the editor that garnered more than 200 student, alumni, and staff signatures in support, “[T]his edition offers overtly offensive language including sections entitled ‘Campussy’ and ‘Whore ‘Um’ as well as three fake staff writer names that make reference to the word ‘cunt.’ Derogatory profanity toward women isn’t funny.  It isn’t satirical.  It certainly isn’t journalism.”

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7 Responses to “Maneater Managing Editor Resigns at Missouri Over ‘Carpeteater’ April Fools’ Issue Flap”
  1. Matt says:

    That hurts for the editor! Big backfire from an April fools joke that took some planning and thought. It seems to have just crossed the line from okay to outright inappropriate.

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