Copies of Christopher Newport Student Paper Grabbed, Hidden During Admissions Event

Copies of the most recent issue of The Captain’s Log at Christopher Newport University were grabbed last week by a low-level school official apparently to hide them from prospective students and their parents attending an admissions event.  The issue contained a front-page story about a “meth lab bust . . . that resulted in a building evacuation and two students being banned from campus.”

A report in Virginia’s Daily Press confirmed that Captain’s Log editor-in-chief Emily Cole “confronted a University Fellow seen carrying away stacks of the newspaper, and said he claimed the administration ordered him to hide the newspapers until campus tours ended. . . . Cole said the fellow didn’t specify who gave him the directive to remove the papers. Fellows are recent graduates hired to work in departments including admissions and student engagement.  Dean of Students Kevin Hughes blamed the incident Monday on a ‘junior staff member’ who had ‘taken it upon him/herself’ to hide the papers.”

3 Responses to “Copies of Christopher Newport Student Paper Grabbed, Hidden During Admissions Event”
  1. Jon May says:

    Our University does this too!
    Several issues were deemed “not appropriate” to be displayed to prospective parents. Front pages of student sex workers, attempted rape on campus and hospitalisations apparently don’t sell the University!

  2. Matt says:

    I can see that the school was trying to protect their reputation, but the actions by the “fellow” made him look a little crazy and maybe involved in the incident described on the newspaper. I don’t think he was thinking this through.

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