Missouri’s Maneater Shocks, Offends with ‘Carpeteater’ April Fools’ Edition; Cancels Next Year’s Issue

The April Fools’ edition of The Maneater at the University of Missouri has become the latest campus press spoof to blow up in student editors’ faces.  In a letter of apology to readers, the paper’s managing editor confesses that in hindsight the content is “incredibly offensive and potentially damaging to the social climate at MU.”

Mizzou senior Katie Rudd breaks down a portion of the damage in a letter to the editor that garnered more than 200 student, alumni, and staff signatures in support (hat tip J-School Buzz): “Let’s start with the title The Carpeteater.  The name is historically derogatory toward lesbian women, and is absolutely offensive.  Frankly, I don’t know how the editorial board could consciously put out a newspaper with that title.  But the derogatory comments toward women don’t stop there.  Instead, this edition offers overtly offensive language including sections entitled ‘Campussy’ and ‘Whore ‘Um’ as well as three fake staff writer names that make reference to the word ‘cunt.’ Derogatory profanity toward women isn’t funny.  It isn’t satirical.  It certainly isn’t journalism.”

Photo by Ali Colwell, J-School Buzz

In her own letter published yesterday, Maneater ME Abby Spudich announced that the paper has already decided to cancel next year’s April Fools’ edition.  In her words: “This isn’t the first time our April Fool’s content has been upsetting for the MU community, and we’ve decided that it’s not worth offending members of our community for an attempt at a few laughs. . . . This was a huge learning experience for me, and I think for many of our editors. Even though I regret what happened, this is a learning paper. I learned I cannot assume what others might find to be offensive based solely on my own background, as my own personal background isn’t good enough, and ignorance is not an excuse when using offensive language.”


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