Santa Monica College Newspaper in National Spotlight for Protest, Pepper Spray Coverage (@The_Corsair)

The Corsair, the student newspaper at Santa Monica College, is in the national spotlight for its comprehensive continuing coverage of student tuition protests that resulted in a high-profile pepper-spray incident Tuesday night.  The protests are an offshoot of growing student anger over the school’s tiered tuition plan.  The plan charges more money per credit for enrollment in more popular classes, including some that students need to complete various major and general academic requirements.

Professional news media across the country including The New York Times are citing the Corsair in their own related reports and linking to its on-the-scene photography and videos.  Among the iconic images grabbed by the paper is a shot visible in the homepage screenshot below.  Taken by staffer Michael Yanow, the photo features a 4-year-old girl in pain after being pepper-sprayed by police along with roughly 30 others.

In addition, the paper captured the video below of individuals being pepper-sprayed and informally treated in the immediate aftermath.

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