Another April Fools Controversy: Cornell Employee Steals, Hides Copies of Cornell Daily Sun Spoof Section

A Cornell University employee recently stole the spoof section from every copy of a Cornell Daily Sun issue available for pick-up within a prominent campus building. The staffer’s aim was apparently “to prevent parents and prospective students visiting for Cornell Days [a special program for recently-admitted students] from reading them.”

‘Student Journalism Still Alive and Well’: Spot the Error?

The Setonian, Seton Hall University: “It is no secret that the journalism profession has constantly evolved over the past few decades. What was once dominated by personalities such as Edward R. Murrow or Walter Kronkite has now taken many forms. From professionals to citizen journalists to student journalists, the practice of journalism is continuing to grow, yet many fear it has ceased to prosper. However, it should be made perfectly clear that journalism is alive and well, especially the practices of student journalists, who continue to thrive and prosper, as is evident by the numerous awards and accolades bestowed upon student media.”

Bridgewater State Student Paper Names Rape Victim, Faces ‘Angry Backlash’, Shutdown Threats, Fired Adviser

The Comment at Bridgewater State University is facing “an angry backlash” from its readers and overseers for naming a rape victim in an article published earlier this month. A related backlash is aimed at BSU’s president for allegedly threatening to “shut down the paper” and cutting off access to all school officials unless the article or the victim’s name is removed online. The paper’s faculty adviser has also been fired.

USA TODAY: Student Press Feeling ‘Financial Pinch’; J-Schools in ‘Adapt-or-Die Mode’

As I noted in a post late last month, student newspapers are struggling financially.  The decade-long plights of the professional press have at last weaved their way into the land of collegemediatopia.  If not quite a time of reckoning for some campus papers, we have definitely entered a prolonged period of profound change– cutbacks, weary […]

Appalachian State Student Newspaper Angers Readers with ‘Belligerent Apology’

The Appalachian, the student newspaper at North Carolina’s Appalachian State University, earned criticism late last week– after taking some of its own readers to task.

Student Photo of Bear Falling from a Tree in Colorado Crashes CU Independent Site, May Trigger Lawsuit

First, the bear was tranquilized. Then it fell. Then it went viral. Now it may be the center of a lawsuit. Welcome to collegemediatopia in 2012. This past Thursday, Andrew Duann, a student photographer for The CU Independent, snapped an instantly-iconic shot of a brown bear falling from a tree near a University of Colorado Boulder residence hall village. The bear had been tranquilized by local wildlife officials and was subsequently taken into custody for its own– and others’– protection.

Story Idea: How Easy is it to Steal Bikes on Your Campus?

In a reporting experiment of sorts late last month, a student at Canada’s Wilfrid Laurier University brazenly “stole” a bicycle in public, in broad daylight, in four locations including WLU’s campus. The purpose, in part, reporter-thief Alanna Fairey shared in The Cord student newspaper, was to answer this question: “What would you do if you saw someone stealing a bike by the use of bolt cutters?

Student Newspaper Headline Involving Gamecocks: Playful or Sexually Offensive?

A front-page headline in The Patriot at Francis Marion University celebrating the FMU baseball team’s upset win over the South Carolina Gamecocks recently earned the attention of the wider web. The full header… “Patriots Beat Cocks: Team christens new stadium with win over Division I champions.”  What do you think– innocently exuberant or knowingly sexual?

Ohio State President Gordon Gee Tells Lantern: Sports Illustrated & Sporting News are ‘Bad Journalism’

Gordon Gee, the infamously outspoken and bow-tied president of Ohio State University, has once again stirred controversy. In a new interview with The Lantern, Gee dismissed a Sports Illustrated investigation of old football coach Jim Tressel and a Sporting News report on new coach Urban Meyer.

Vermont Cynic Staffers Investigate Newspaper Theft, After Campus Security Declines

Student staffers at The Vermont Cynic at the University of Vermont are investigating an apparent mass theft of copies of a recent issue. According to Chris Evans, UVM’s assistant director of student media, thieves “cleared out every newspaper in the student center and library, the two highest-traffic readership areas on campus.”

OK State Student Newspaper Boasts 177 Paid Subscribers; Paywall a Success?

The Daily O’Collegian at Oklahoma State University is enjoying marginal success with its paywall a bit more than a year into the experiment. At the start of spring semester 2011, the paper became the first U.S. student media outlet to charge a subset of readers for its content online, requiring a $10 yearly subscription fee for individuals outside the campus area who wanted to read more than three articles per month.

After Censorship, Student Newspaper Editor in Britain Resigns via Facebook: ‘It is the Only Avenue Left’

An editor of The SOAS Spirit, the student newspaper serving the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, has quit in protest over alleged censorship. In a public letter of resignation posted yesterday afternoon (U.S. time) on Facebook, Gloria de-Waal Montgomery charges the student union with temporarily delaying publication of the Spirit’s current issue and removing an article she penned about “potential corruption” within the union regarding possibly “missing charity money.”

LSU’s Daily Reveille Identifies Student Suicide Victim Via Social Media, Receives Some Flak

The Daily Reveille at Louisiana State University earned some online flak this past weekend from a pocket of readers for identifying an apparent student suicide victim prior to an official confirmation. The campus newspaper instead relied on students’ tweets and wall posts that named the victim while expressing grief over his death.

East Carolina, Former Student Media Director Reach Settlement: Firing Due to ‘Difference in Philosophy’

The former student media director at East Carolina University is no longer attempting through legal channels to regain his position, more than three months after a termination that involved discussions of a streaker and free speech. — In January, prior to the start of spring semester, ECU officials fired Paul Isom without warning or much […]

Plagiarism Body Count at Rochester Student Magazine: 1 Fired Writer, 2 Resigning Editors, 2 Pulled Stories

A student writer has been fired and two editors are resigning from The Reporter at the Rochester Institute of Technology amid discoveries of plagiarism within two recent stories. According to a statement appearing in the weekly campus magazine’s current issue, copycatting was first spotted within a profile of a student-run sports news program. Infinity Quad editor Chris Zubak-Skees confirms the offending article “contains phrases that are nearly identical to a [university PR] story, SportsZone‘s website, and a web page for the College Television Awards.” It also sports at least one major factual snafu and spelling error.