Daily Tar Heel Editor Selection Process at UNC Used to Be Insane

It reads like a mix between “Hunger Games” and “Survivor.”  Apparently, in the past, students vying for the position of Daily Tar Heel editor-in-chief at the University of North Carolina had to run in a CAMPUS-WIDE election similar to a student government vote.

An excellent new article in the DTH commemorating the 20-year-mark since the process ended outlines a bevy of problems with this “John Carter”-sized #epicfail.  The paper’s general manager Kevin Schwartz says simply about his memories of that time: “It decimated the staff.”  The words nightmarish and popularity contest also appear in the piece.

The oddest– and in retrospect, funniest– part to me: The election required active campaigning, prompting EIC candidates to QUIT the paper in January so they could begin politicking.  Staffers loyal to them would apparently then also resign to pitch in (leaving the paper in great shape, I imagine). 

And then it was a bloodbath of a campaign, pitting former colleagues against one another.  One more quote from Schwartz: “The race was so nasty.  Campaign staffers stole all the Rolodexes from the office, which were like the Bible back then.”

Happy Saturday. :)

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