Trayvon Martin Case: Student Press Coverage, Commentaries Go Far Beyond Daily Texan Cartoon

The controversial editorial cartoon published earlier this week in The Daily Texan has quickly become the most (in)famous student media take on the Trayvon Martin case.  But there have been many other student perspectives offered that are worthy of the spotlight, in a positive sense.

Over the past two weeks, a large majority of the student news outlets in the U.S. have featured articles and op-eds discussing various aspects of the saga, including the media coverage, the “hoodie controversy,” the Stand Your Ground law and the role of neighborhood watch, and the shooting’s existence as a flashpoint for protests, talks, and tension surrounding race relations.

Below is an active-links screenshot sampling of related news stories, commentaries, photo spreads, and video reports that have recently appeared in more than 30 student news outlets nationwide.

Any additional pieces you recommend for inclusion??  Please let me know, politely, via a comment.  To be clear, the focus of this post is sharing student outlooks about the incident beyond straightforward coverage of the many protests and vigils that have been held on campuses.

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