Oregon Journalism Students Having Trouble Checking Out Multimedia Equipment They Need (@DailyEmerald)

Students in the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon are increasingly having trouble checking out reporting 2.0 tools like video cameras and digital recorders from the school stockpile, a report late last week in The Oregon Daily Emerald revealed.

Apparently, a new set of classes is requiring their use, suddenly making demand dramatically outpace supply.  Frustrations are up.  Assignments are being submitted late.  Deadlines are being pushed back.  And work quality is suffering.

An Oregon junior: “It’s worrisome because if you don’t have funds to purchase the equipment, it’s a game of chance. It’s really discouraging for a lot of students.  It really makes you think ahead and some people are really good at doing that, others are not.”

What’s the multimedia lab and equipment access situation within your j-school or j-program???

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