Daily Illini Premieres Vidcast to Highlight Day’s Top Stories (@thedailyillini @hannahmeisel)

During a session at the CMA Spring College Media Convention last week in New York City, New York Times reporter and digital journalism guru Brian Stelter shared, “We’re all going to be video reporters in the future, which means we will have to comb our hair and stuff.  It’s something that is quietly happening in the industry.”

The Daily Illini is boldly charging into the video fray today with its premiere of a daily vidcast, featured on its YouTube channel and the bottom left of its homepage.  As the student newspaper explains, “The short video newscast will highlight the stories of the day, as well as preview stories and events relevant to the University of Illinois and Champaign-Urbana.”

Daily Illini staff writer Hannah Meisel shares in the opening vidcast, “In this day and age, news travels fast and media moves at the speed of light.  As the University of Illinois’s oldest student-run publication, the Daily Illini wants to keep up with new media and provide news to our audience in as many forms as possible.”


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