Students Trash Copies of Georgia State Signal Issue Featuring Sorority Hazing Reports (@gsusignal)

Only hours after a recent issue of The Signal hit campus newsstands at Georgia State University, students were seen allegedly trashing roughly 250 copies, a Student Press Law Center Report confirms.  The most likely motivation for the students’ hasty dump-and-run: reports in the issue on GSU sorority hazing practices and other Greek organization investigations.

Along with the trashing, a second sad part of the tale rests with the argument some students are making on social media that the action was not censorship or a crime.  As editor-in-chief Miranda Sain shared, “Some students argued that because student fee money was used to pay for the printing, the students had the right to throw away the newspapers. Since the printing of the newspapers was funded by student money, no theft occurred, because the newspapers were property of the students.”


Sain’s response: “[T]hrowing away 250 newspapers represents a form of censorship and should be considered a crime, since newspapers cost money to produce. By throwing away newspapers, others are being deprived of information and their share of the newspaper product. . . . [T]he computers in the library are also funded by student fee money, but that does not mean you can toss those in the trash either. As [another staffer] plainly stated, ‘Student fees does not equate to you personally owning a fraction of this stuff.’ Simply, it provides you with the accessibility and the availability to use these products.”

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