Hunger Games 101: A Student Schools Me on the Story, Fan Fervor & Why Katniss is Better Than Bella

The girl on fire. The Katniss braid. The Capitol. District 12. “Winning means fame and fortune. Losing means certain death.” Tributes. Peeta. Panem. “May the Odds Ever Be in Your Favor.”

With The Hunger Games about to invade multiplexes, the many locations, characters, quotes and quirks unique to the world author Suzanne Collins created are about to loom large within pop culture.  I wanted to know what they were all about.

During a recent podcast chat, University of Tampa student and avowed Hunger Games fan Amanda Sieradzki broke down the Games for outsiders like me.  Specifically, Sieradzki discussed the basic story, the reasons for the trilogy’s massive popularity, how it compares to the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises and the larger questions the series poses about our desire for increasingly extreme forms of entertainment.

We called the chat “Hunger Games 101.”

Interview: Amanda Sieradzki, University of Tampa

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