Latest Digital Trend: Outrageous Student Party Videos? WVU Gets ‘Shmacked’ (@ImShmacked)

West Virginia University is currently experiencing a brief burst of social media fame/infamy for a video of students captured last weekend.  What was featured in the vid?

Daily Athenaeum staff writer John Terry explains, “It wasn’t groundbreaking research or a Mountaineer victory– it was a bunch of drunken idiots making fools of themselves and the university. ‘I’m Shmacked,‘ a film company that documents weekend experiences at 20 of the best and biggest universities around the country, was at WVU this past weekend for St. Patrick’s Day festivities.”

The video, a trailer for what will apparently be a longer film, features students drinking, smashing a car, urinating in public, partying aggressively, dancing and posing suggestively, and fighting.  Several fires also appear on screen– Terry writes that local firefighters responded to calls for 36 separate blazes during the weekend.  Officials at WVU and in the city of Morgantown have promised a full investigation– in part through the video footage– and stricter safety measures in the future.  The video currently boasts more than 63,000 hits.

I’m Shmacked was started over winter break by Arya Toufanian, a George Washington University student.  Its aim is to record and present “what campus life is really like,” including the crazier or illegal activities in which students take part.  As he told The Philadelphia Inquirer last month, “We’re not advocating for these things, but documenting them as they are.

On Urban Dictionary, one entry for Shmacked says it is “to become intoxicated to the point of not even being able to stand up, know what’s going on, or correctly pronounce any word.”

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  1. Kevin says:

    I’m Shmacked is a scam and Arya Toufanian is a crook! Go here and read this: