University of Rochester Admissions Hip-Hop Video Goes Viral (@UofR @campustimes)

Jenna Johnson, Washington Post: “In the arms race of creating the most viral admissions video, several universities have jumped on the Glee bandwagon, written musical numbers and filmed their students dancing through campus.  The University of Rochester decided to do something different: A hip-hop music video featuring the all-male a capella group Midnight Ramblers rapping and fist-pumping. The video— titled “Remember oUR Name”— was posted on YouTube last week and has already hit more than 60,000 views.”

Campus Times, University of Rochester student newspaper: “[Satyajit Dattagupta, director of enrollment communications] thought . . . [the video] would appeal to three different groups of people: students who will watch the video to feel a greater sense of pride and connection to UR, prospective students who will watch it and hopefully think that UR is a place where they could fit in and alumni who can watch the video and reflect with pride on their alma mater.”

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