Draw Something: A Student’s Take on the ‘Hottest, Most Addictive’ App on Earth (@WeDrawSomething)

In the past week, two words have been flung at me by my students, colleagues, friends, and family, spoken like an order coming from an art teacher: Draw Something.  The app is currently the “hottest, most Addictive iPhone game” on the planet.  In the guest post below, University of Tampa student and Minaret chief copy editor extraordinaire Jennifer Bedell runs down the basics of an app she confirms is “just as addicting as you hope for.”

‘A Lighthearted, Borderline Brainless Game Worth Spending 20 Minutes Checking Out’

By Jennifer Bedell

Step aside, Temple Run.  Draw Something is the app ruling the Top Free Chart, available in your App Store or Android Market, brought to you by OMGPOPThe name of the game is merely a suggestion, but it might as well be a command.  Don’t worry.  It’s just as addicting as you hope for.  And, oh yes, it’s free.  (Although there is a version that will run your credit card 99 cents.)

You can essentially play with whomever you want– a Facebook friend, Twitter follower, mobile phone contact or virtual stranger.  The game begins with you choosing something to draw.  At first, your attempts will appear similar to your childhood chalk drawings.  As your expertise grows, they will begin to look like more fully-formed cartoons.

You will be given three options to start out the game:

For one coin: a simple drawing, such as a bus, shovel, or the sun.

For two coins: a medium-skill level drawing, such as a cactus, road kill, or a keyboard.

For three coins: a high-skill drawing, possibly a celebrity (Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, President Obama, etc.), or perhaps Shrek, a wedding or a balcony.

The first of three screenshots displaying Jennifer's Draw Something attempts. Can you guess what she has sketched in each one?

From there, you begin.  Once you have finished your own drawing for the person you’re playing with, the most difficult part of the game begins . . . patience.  You wait for the other individual to receive your drawing and guess what it is, as if it were Pictionary.

And once it is sent back to you, you can watch that person’s video of them guessing the picture you drew.  Once you get past the basics, it’s all about your stats.  You’re being tested from the get-go about how long it takes you to guess a word.  (If you’re like me, the most difficult part of the game will be watching the person butcher the spelling of a given word.)

If you successfully guess a drawing, you’re greeted with a one-word, all-caps encouragement: “DRAWSOME!”  Thanks for punning it up, OMGPOP.

The layout of the “drawing board”, if you will, is similar to that of Paint.  You have your basic colors, different pen thicknesses, your eraser (also with different thicknesses), and finally the unforgiving trashcan that double checks with you before you officially declare your attempts garbage.

I promise, you’re bound to laugh at least once if you give Draw Something a shot.  I’ve realized my artistic talents are just as limited as I thought, but for a lighthearted, borderline brainless game, it’s worth spending 20 minutes checking out.

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