San Francisco Foghorn Staff: Without Print Edition, Website Would Be ‘Obsolete’

Staff at The San Francisco Foghorn are happy to still be producing a weekly print paper.  In an op-ed published at the start of the month, headlined “Why a Print Edition of the Foghorn Still Matters,” a writer for the University of San Francisco student newspaper contends that a print-first philosophy still triumphs among staffers and readers.

As a portion of the piece mentions, “Aside from the personal satisfaction we get and the practical skills we develop in producing and distributing a tangible Foghorn most weeks for the USF populace to enjoy, there are less than sentimental rationales for a physical newspaper. It’s a matter of visibility and access. . . . Were it not for having a physical edition go to print 11 times a semester, students would have no reason to visit, nor would they even be aware of, the Foghorn’s website.  It would become, in the words of our journalistic predecessors, ‘obsolete’.

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