Purdue Professor Under Fire Charges Student Newspaper with Anti-Semitism

A professor under fire at Purdue University Calumet is now charging the school’s student newspaper with anti-Semitism.

The gist: PUC political science professor Maurice Eisenstein has been allegedly spouting uber-offensive comments about Muslims and other groups for years in class and on his Facebook page.  The university investigated him for harassment, clearing him of any wrongdoing late last week– apparently to the dismay of many on campus.

Along with reporting on the school’s decision, The Chronicle, PUC’s campus newspaper, is featuring Eisenstein in a new editorial cartoon.  He is depicted as a puppet master relying on a higher ed. bureaucratic stepstool to help him pull the strings of a PUC administrator so his hateful words would be declared innocent.

As Romenesko first announced to a national audience, Eisenstein is calling the cartoon anti-Semitic.

In an editorial response, the paper contends, “[N]othing in the comic mentioned Judaism in any direct way. In fact, the only thing referencing Eisenstein’s Jewish background was the presence of a traditional kippah (cap) on his head. Given that Eisenstein has publicly cited this as a source of pride . . . we fail to see how this could possibly incite cries of anti-Semitism.  We feel, as many students and faculty members have previously stated, that Eisenstein is using his religious background as a way of diverting the conversation away from the remarks he has made both online and in his classroom. Rather than defend or clarify his opinions, Eisenstein has instead labeled anyone who opposes him as a bigot.”

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