Her Campus Enjoys First Month of 1 Million Visitors; True Student Start-Up Success Story (@HerCampus)

Less than three years after its launch, Her Campus, the national student culture and news site billed as the “collegiette’s guide to life,” is a millionaire.  The site boasted 1.2 million visitors in February, its first month breaking that landmark amount.

In an announcement about the accomplishment, HC editor-in-chief Stephanie Kaplan wrote, “[W]e had over 1.2 million visits to HerCampus.com during February– WOW! I mean, we knew you liked to spend time on your laptops, but… ;) Basically, we are floored by the incredible milestone our site has reached, and so grateful to all of you– our readers, writers, commenters, Facebook-sharers, tweeters, pinners (you get it) who made this fantastic feat possible.”

A trio of Harvard University undergraduates started the site in fall 2009, seeing a niche for a smart, sassy, female-centric digital magazine run by and targeted toward students.  From the beginning, HC caught on and prospered mightily.  Along with the impressive visitor data, Her Campus has roughly 190 localized sites run by students on campuses across the country.

Back in July 2010, I selected the student founders– Kaplan, Windsor Hanger, and Annie Wang– for CMM’s College Media Hall of Fame.  At the time, I wrote:

Her Campus has impressed me since its start last fall.  Its founders, Harvard students at the time and now recent grads, are fearless.  They spotted a national niche– an opening for a student-produced “hub for everything college women need to know”– and they dove in with gusto.  The site now sports fresh content daily, dozens of student writers, significant social media followings, lots of unique visitors, growing media coverage and ad sales, and an expansion that includes school-specific My Campus branches.  Most impressively, through it all, its trio of founders and continued overseers seem to be having a great time.

Left to right: Stephanie, Windsor, and Annie. Photo by Katerina Stavreva.

To read more of the Hall of Fame post– including write-ups from the young women discussing their fellow founders– click here or on the screenshot below.

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