College & Cook Magazine Bringing Student Foodies Together; Interview with Founder Audrey Scagnelli

George Washington University sophomore Audrey Scagnelli once burnt the croutons she was toasting, triggering a fire alarm that led to a campus building evacuation.

Embarrassed, the political communication major brought local firefighters who raced to the scene some raspberry napoleons.  She also turned the experience into a magazine spread.

Scagnelli is the founder and editor-in-chief of College & Cook, an online student magazine working to “prove college students should not be stereotyped by cold pizza and Easy Mac.”  Its larger aim, according to Scagnelli: bringing student foodies together to share innovative, edible stories.

“There is a growing presence of food on the Internet, especially with food blogs and food photography,” she said.  “Food porn, some call it.  But there isn’t much out there that’s college related and really nothing out there that kind of unites universities across the country with such a range of food topics and food content.”

Cue College & Cook.  From the moment the first issue of the planned quarterly premiered earlier this semester, the magazine has been eaten up.  It registered roughly 6,500 hits on its Issuu page two weeks after its rollout, spurring a related Washington Post feature.

According to the Post, “[I]t took a mere eight months for [Scagnelli] to envision, develop and publish College & Cook magazine, a nationwide online effort geared for her demographic.  That particular slice of the population pie– college students in the United States, for starters– is at almost 20 million, which is enough to make media moguls smack their foreheads and wish they’d thought of the concept first.”

In a podcast chat recorded last month, Scagnelli spoke with me about C&C’s concept, explained her motivations for launching it, and told the full crouton fire alarm story.

Interview: Audrey Scagnelli, College & Cook

Write for College & Cook!  Scagnelli and staff are eagerly seeking contributors.

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